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Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon!

Song: Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon

Original Artist: Abhijeet Sawant

Album: Aap Ka Abhijeet Sawant (2005)



This song is dedicated to someone special – someone very special and close! My love for her can’t be expressed in words, neither can I exist without it being mentioned. What better way could it be put across, other than, through a song? 🙂

If you’re listening to this dear, I just wanted you to know that you’re THE best! Love ye! >:D<


This is the first song I’d sung at college. I still vividly remember singing it for the fresher’s day in 2007! 🙂 So, I’ve a special attachment to this track. Kudos to Abhijeet (who is incidentally the first winner of Indian Idol, in 2005)  for this super-awesome song! \m/


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