First Sight

I was on a drive with my cousin – he was dropping me off at a nearby bus-stop. Tech-support (one of my odd-jobs) lasted till late night, and Kowdiar (where he stayed) was three buses away from my place. Since I fixed his computer for free, Aravind annan (as I knew him) was obliged to drop… Continue reading First Sight

Unrequited Love.

Question. Have you ever had untold affection to a person you’ve never seen or known personally?  Allow me to make myself more clear. Has a situation ever happened to you wherein, you feel immense affliction to a person who perhaps doesn’t even exist anymore? Your answer, in all probability, might be negative. Mine would’ve been too, until… Continue reading Unrequited Love.

Off to Tata Jagriti Yatra 2009

Those of you who’ve seen me on Twitter and Facebook, would’ve noticed statuses about an imminent All India Tour that I’d embark upon. Even though I kept mentioning it every time, I’d kept details under the covers. Thought of making it public in a whim. 🙂 Yeah folks, I’m off to Tata Jagriti Yatra 2009… Continue reading Off to Tata Jagriti Yatra 2009

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CATcall – The Journey

Common Admission Test –  arguably,the holy grail of all entrance examinations in India. Any CAT applicant will have to jostle with some five lakh odd applicants to vie for a seat in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management, which would open doors to six figure salaries, cozy lifestyles and what not! It wasn’t the cozy lifestyle… Continue reading CATcall – The Journey