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New Talent: The Latest Pirates and Synth

It’s not everyday that you get to see the flashes of innate talent that amaze you beyond conventional benchmarks of surprise! You aren’t just blown away by amazing feats of passion and paragon – you stand stupefied and dumbfound at such wondrous talent closer to genius and perfection, and that too from 20-21 year olds!… Continue reading

Quick Gun Murugun: A Review

The Earth is my bed, The Sky is my ceiling, The whole creation is my native place My name is Murugun. Quick Gun Murugun. Whatay punchline! What a movie! 😀 It was Sidharth who dragged me with him to the theatre. The two of us desperately had to watch a movie – we hadn’t been… Continue reading

To Did. – A short film

I We made our first second movie! To Did – A short film. Written, Produced and Directed by: Akhil Sasidharan & Hari Shanker R To Did is a short film that celebrates the potency and power of Time. From ancient sundials to the modern atomic clocks, mankind has tried to hold and watch time. Time… Continue reading

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