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Free Hugs!!

HUG Embrace: squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness; “Hug me, please”; “They embraced”; “He hugged her close to him” Of all forms human contact and/or expressions of love, the Hug is my favourite. Whenever I see a hugging sequence in a movie/TV Show, I pay special attention to it, picturing myself as… Continue reading β†’

Life, Decisions and Blogging

Those of you who’ve been visiting this blog for the past week might’ve noticed a sharp increase in my posting frequency – to be more precise, I’ve been blogging, daily for the past four days, straight! πŸ˜› CC Credits: dead_squid Not because I’m jobless, actually I’m everything but jobless! I’ve got lab exams right now… Continue reading β†’

The woman in red

A calm, placid and jobless day – I was whiling time away at the State Central Library (Public Library) in our city, whose reading rooms have been my abode for a while. A bibliophile, I used to spend a large chunk of my free time at the British Library when it existed, but now that… Continue reading β†’

Shiney Ahuja: Another Celebrity goes down!

Shiney Ahuja -TheΒ  Euphonic, talented actor with curly hair (and a vague similarity with me, to boot!), has more or less become the ‘gangster’ of bollywood, with the recent turn of events. The ‘gangster’ tag wouldn’t have given much of a dismal appeal some three years ago, where the actor was applauded for his sterling… Continue reading β†’

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