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A New Lease of Life

I took a short break sometime back, promising that there wouldn’t be any more breaks. Well, promises are made to be broken. 🙂 Breaking promises isn’t new to me. I’ve broken quite a lot of them. On an average, I’ve broken at least half of all promises I’ve made. And that’s not something I’m proud… Continue reading

Power up!

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” –      Uncle Ben, Spiderman 27th July, 2007 was an idle Saturday – just another random weekend. That night, I was peacefully having dinner, watching T.V. The two ‘events’ are quite synonymous in my lingo. That is, if I’m having food, I’d also be watching TV; a routine that has… Continue reading

The Pigeon

My blissful sleep was rudely disturbed by the ear-piercing “chirp” of the calling bell. My bedroom’s upstairs, and located right adjacent to the calling bells. Yep, you heard (or rather read) it right – ‘B-E-L-L-S’. There are a total of three calling bells at my place, two of which are ‘strategically’ placed above my bedroom-door…. Continue reading

A day in the life of a jobless engineer

07:00: Routine, early-morning-nightmare-wake-up-call. Mixed emotions. (Extractors? Daniel Cobb ‘stealing’ from me? I wish!) 07:02: Ctrl+Shift+Del “Nightmare”. Rational thinking + Obnoxious Optimism. Back to sound sleep. 08:30: Ear-splitting abuses from dad finally shake blissful sleep away. Oh btw, Dad’s my personal abuse trainer. 😛 09:00: Breakfast. Mostly Dosa/Puttu/Appam/Chappathi + Chammanthi/Sambhar/Potato Curries. (Google ’em if they don’t… Continue reading

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