Vote for Shashi Tharoor!

It’s confirmed, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is contesting for the Lok Sabha elections from Thiruvananthapuram. Hoardings proclaiming and endorsing his candidature have come up at every nook and corner of the city. Dr Tharoor has even got himself a custom web portal for his campaign promotion. His repute as an international statesman, celebrated journalist, and his… Continue reading Vote for Shashi Tharoor!

Ravings of a Rebel

They are the worst among the dreary savages this planet has ever seen. With their pink dyed hair, jarring hairdos, eye-popping attire and those red dreary eyes, they infest themselves everywhere. They live in the “Linkin’ Park” amongst other noted (er… or rather ill noted) contemporaries like ‘Spears’, ‘Shaggy’ and innumerable others(who as a matter… Continue reading Ravings of a Rebel


Leaves fall from the boughs of that tall tree, Not the ones green, fresh & filled with nature’s ardour, But the leaves of time, whose fall Goes on & on, till the end of eternity… But every year, as the twelfth month dies, It comes, commemorating a sweet memory, Of something, the birth of a… Continue reading THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS

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Live from NIT Calicut!

I’m blogging from NIT Calicut at the moment using my (ahem!) Sony VAIO through an awesome WiFi connection. 🙂 Did you just ask why/how/what? Well, as I’d mentioned in my previous post, I was invited to do a talk on blogging at FOSSMeet, the Free & Open Source convention held at the college. First, I… Continue reading Live from NIT Calicut!

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