Kowdiar Lights: The Quest

“I want Marlboro!” Raghav’s words were loud and vigorous enough to scare the living wits out of Sushil and I.  Raghav was Sushil’s friend. The two of us were on our way to CCD after a particularly tiresome day. That was when  a slightly-overweight guy in blue Reebok tees and a queer gait, suitably accompanied… Continue reading Kowdiar Lights: The Quest

An apology

Today, I got a mail from a frequent reader of my blog – a person whom I respect a lot, and whose opinions I always take into  serious consideration. The tone of his (alright, it’s a HE, all you nosey parkers! 😛 ) voice didn’t have the friendly and brotherly warmth, this time. There was… Continue reading An apology

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I ought to do a tag a month,now! Tags are  refreshing and rejuvenating! 😛 So I stole this one from Sriram! 😉 Nothing special, I just have to answer a few questions this time – new readers will know a lot about me from this post. Old ones might already know a lot, but just… Continue reading Hundred!!