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Hari Shanker R

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Seminar on Blogging @ FOSSMeet 2009

I’ve been invited to do a talk on blogging at FOSSMeet, which starts today at NIT Calicut. And I’ve readily accepted the invitation! FOSSMeet is an event that salutes the spirit of Freedom and innovation. It calls for people who are doyens in free software and tries to bring them together to promote a noble… Continue reading

Of blogs and houseboats…

Recent visitors to my blog might’ve noticed a banner proclaiming my participation in the BlogCamp. And if you have a keen eye, you might even have noticed its absence by now! 😉 The reason simply being that the BlogCamp concluded. To quote Mani Karthik, (the SEO Expert), “It was good and great..kickass!” Yeah! Prasanth, Jacob… Continue reading

The Blogger’s block!

Courtesy: XKCD That’s precisely how blogging makes you a geek! Wannabe bloggers beware!! It’s big bad blogosphere out there!!:-) [The title of this post is ripped off Akhil‘s(senior-at-college cum fellow-blogger cum great-friend) erstwhile blog.’Blogger’s block’ doesn’t have anything to do with ‘Writer’s block’. It’s a different terminology altogether. Don’t ask me what it means!And yeah,… Continue reading

Into Malayalam Blogging…

It’s official, Malayalam’s a dying language! The National Language Commission’s report on Indian Languages last year put Malayalam in the perilous category of ‘Endangered’. With all the NRI Moolah, and burgeoning love for the Queen’s language we Mallus share, it’s not surprising. In fact, ‘Fraud Mallus’ abound when compared to hardcore ones! And that’s the… Continue reading

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