A day in the life of a jobless engineer

07:00: Routine, early-morning-nightmare-wake-up-call. Mixed emotions. (Extractors? Daniel Cobb ‘stealing’ from me? I wish!) 07:02: Ctrl+Shift+Del “Nightmare”. Rational thinking + Obnoxious Optimism. Back to sound sleep. 08:30: Ear-splitting abuses from dad finally shake blissful sleep away. Oh btw, Dad’s my personal abuse trainer. 😛 09:00: Breakfast. Mostly Dosa/Puttu/Appam/Chappathi + Chammanthi/Sambhar/Potato Curries. (Google ’em if they don’t… Continue reading A day in the life of a jobless engineer

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First Sight

I was on a drive with my cousin – he was dropping me off at a nearby bus-stop. Tech-support (one of my odd-jobs) lasted till late night, and Kowdiar (where he stayed) was three buses away from my place. Since I fixed his computer for free, Aravind annan (as I knew him) was obliged to drop… Continue reading First Sight