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Hari Shanker R

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Unrequited Love.

Question. Have you ever had untold affection to a person you’ve never seen or known personally?  Allow me to make myself more clear. Has a situation ever happened to you wherein, you feel immense affliction to a person who perhaps doesn’t even exist anymore? Your answer, in all probability, might be negative. Mine would’ve been too, until… Continue reading

Friendship in these days of degenerating decency…

Friends. They’re the best things all of us have ever had. We talk about/to/with them 24×7. We have oodles of fun, we enjoy each and every moment spent in their company. We do fight, but eventually we make up. They’re there for us through thick and thin. They’re with us, holding our arms, lifting us… Continue reading

To G, with love.

A ‘ping’ was all it took; Not a gesture, voice, or look, Where books had many an angelic face, Back then, I met my sis at amazing pace, Adorable and cherubic, her smile, Vanished my pains in absolute guile; My tears evaporated in her voice, That gurgled like a river with poise. For many, she… Continue reading


I was having an extended conversation with my best friend, yesterday night. Now, she’s one person who has, perhaps, understood me the most,  ’cause we share a lot of similar traits. She also has this uncanny ability to lift me up from all the waves of desperation that I’ve been through – one conversation with… Continue reading

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