I was having an extended conversation with my best friend, yesterday night. Now, she’s one person who has, perhaps, understood me the most,  ’cause we share a lot of similar traits. She also has this uncanny ability to lift me up from all the waves of desperation that I’ve been through – one conversation with… Continue reading Escape.


Within the endless pits of time, Piercing many layers of grime, Flashes of light flickered deep, Crushing dreary, dark sleep. Countless miles of darkness, Scathing pain and duress, Excruciating screams, Crushed-to-pulp dreams, Amid sordid blights, Lay spine-chilling sights, Dismembered and abominate, Hell was reincarnate. Revelation struck hard, Rendering brains retard, The scathing premonition, Had indeed… Continue reading Bizzare

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Dream on!

If I’m asked to define myself in a word, or more precisely an adjective, I’d call myself a dreamer. Ever since I was a kid, I used to have these dreams. The phrase ‘dreamless sleep’ is mostly alien to me. I don’t have a sleeping problem, per se, but I’d see some dream or the… Continue reading Dream on!

Publishing Success! :-)

It’s been my dream to write an article in an national newspaper. And it has materialized now. 😀 The first time I saw the video by The Latest Pirates, my first thought was – “Damn, these guys are SO good! They need to be published!!”. I sought their permission, made the article, collected the photos,… Continue reading Publishing Success! 🙂