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Oodles of sweat oozed from beneath the layers of my epidermis as I bent myself in postures my physique would permit, in a bid for the best shot (if you would pardon the pun) of the bedazzling debate on stage. Capturing the sound and fury on lens wasn’t an easy task. Despite the air-conditioning, my… Continue reading

Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon!

Song: Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon Original Artist: Abhijeet Sawant Album: Aap Ka Abhijeet Sawant (2005) Download Dedication: This song is dedicated to someone special – someone very special and close! My love for her can’t be expressed in words, neither can I exist without it being mentioned. What better way could it be put… Continue reading

Onam ’09 – A photoessay!

For most parts, 2009 was a year of disappointments and failures. I went through a LOT – found myself in umpteen issues and weathered the worst crises of my life! Had it not been for the occasional silver lining, I’d have lost control altogether. Yet, I’d call 2009 – the year I turn 21, the… Continue reading

Daily Blunder | Bee Gees

This happened way back. Rewind to the year 2000, when I was just an itsy-bitsy Seventh grader at Loyola School, Trivandrum. *Ah, those were the days*.  It happened on the eve of a weekly test – unlike periodic mid-term exams where all the exams happened together in a very short time span, our school had… Continue reading

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