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Daily Blunder | Bee Gees

This happened way back. Rewind to the year 2000, when I was just an itsy-bitsy Seventh grader at Loyola School, Trivandrum. *Ah, those were the days*.  It happened on the eve of a weekly test – unlike periodic mid-term exams where all the exams happened together in a very short time span, our school had a system where there’d be an exam every Monday and Friday. If you ask me, that was a foolproof system which would inculcate the benefits of perseverance and systematic behaviour amongst students. 🙂 The very few strains of systematic behaviour within me could be attributed to those forlorn weekly tests. Before I get swayed by pangs of nostalgia, lemme narrate my story! 😀

It was a history exam that Friday. I’d learnt most of the portions and I just had to revise/re-read a few chapters, so that I could write better essays. Since I was abreast with most of the portions, I decided to lay idly on my bed, even after waking up at 6 am in the morning. Dreamer that I am, I was in a state of blissful idyll,  probably dreaming about completing level 5 of Roadrash, after buying the venerable Diablo superbike!! 😐 Well, as I was immersed in a wide plethora of dreams, I felt something fall into my right earlobe. I didn’t give a second thought to it, and sleepily poked my right ear with my hand, trying to scratch off the recesses of the ear. Thanks to my sleepy countenance, I actually pushed the object deeper into my ear. Within a few moments I opened my eyes wide and shouted in deep pain. My right ear was buzzing like crazy.

The object that had fallen onto my ear was actually a tiny bee and I’d pushed it deep into my ear! 😐 😐 😐

CC Credits: _Pauls_

At the outset, it might seem hard to believe, but those of who have seen me in real life would know better- my ears are enormous. To this date, people tease me, calling me elephant-eared – some say that intelligence is directly proportional to the size of your ear, citing ace chess player Vishwanathan Anand as a case in point. Not in my case, anyway, I’m the guy who actually pushed a living breathing bee onto my right ear!! 😐 Mom and Dad rushed into the bedroom listening to my wails of agony!! I kept shouting on the top of my voice:

“എന്റെ ചെവിയില് വണ്ട് കേറിയേ!!” (A bee got into my ear!! Help mee!!!)

First, my parents thought that I might actually be scared from a nightmare and tried to console me, saying there’s nothing to worry. But seeing my repeated wails of misery as I jumped around the whole house, clutching my right ear-lobe in ear-splitting (<–pun) pain, they knew better. Dad brought a pitcher of water and  poured into into my ear. The bee, which was frightened by the reddish-black hole it had fallen into, was maniacally biting and hitting the walls of my tympanum, trying to rescue itself – a few drops of water scared it even more and it struggled, flailing its arms and legs even more vigorously! Dad peeped into my ear, and he could actually listen to the buzzing sound of the bee!!

In a couple of minutes’ time, parents got ready and we rushed to the medical college hospital in our car. All the while, I was madly crying out in pain – dad got incensed, midway, thinking that I was over-reacting to the situation. By God, I wasn’t. His abuses only doubled my trauma!! Finally, I was rushed into the casuality of the E&T department, and a slew of doctors surrounded me from all sides. By now, I was badly trying to control myself – elaborating the situation amid sobs, to doctors, stifling my pain. I clearly remember this lady surgeon there – her face was a mess, literally (Dad still makes fun of her!! ). Well, she consoled me and I was ushered into a push-back seat, lying sideways – right ear facing upwards. The doctors started off in no time.

Interestingly, I was surrounded by lady doctors only! Apart from the chief surgeon lady, all others were very very good looking. There was this lady in a red salwar – her face is still vividly etched in my mind. She held my hands together and consoled me in a very sisterly way. I liked that! 😉 Meanwhile, the chief surgeon inserted a screw-driver-ish contraption into my ear. A bang of pain. EEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! I cried out at the top of my voice – which was pretty much shrill back then, I might’ve rocked the entire medical college junction with that… lol! The red salwar doc placed her hands over my mouth and caressed my face while picking up a few other instruments. My mind was in chaos – and I heard the word ‘surgery’ being mentioned somewhere. I was scared shitless and  my parents’ reassuring faces was my only saving grace. I would miss my history exam, I lamented. I’d prepared so well… 🙁

Meanwhile, the doctor removed that contraption and poured some fluid onto my ear. For a few moments, I was in utter bliss – the pain subsided and I guess the insect was killed instantly! Soon after which, the doc. inserted another contraption which, after a few gasps of pain from my part,  came out with a dead bee stuck at its incisor-like end. Finally! 🙂

It took an hour more to clean my ear – the poor bee had lost a couple of its appendages inside my ear which remained pierced in my ear-walls. All the people assembled there were dumbstruck at how a bee entered my ear and were mentioning how lucky I was! They were almost sure that I’d need a surgery and that I’d actually lost hearing ability to my right ear – the insect had gone deep inside, millimetres away from my tympanum!! Thankfully, I came out unscathed. 😀

I was discharged from the hospital at 8:45 AM, with a long prescription of medicines which I had to ingest for a month or so, in order to prevent any further infection. I had a lot of minor wounds in my right ear and they needed some strong medicines for quick healing. 🙂 Anyways, I reached home, dressed in a jiffy and made it to school in time for the history exam at 9:30. The exam went well and I secured a neat 82! 😀 Dad and mom were happy!

Ever since, I make it a point to sleep with ears covered – even today! 😉


I was reminded of this incident when i saw the Mohanlal movie ഭ്രമരം | ‘Bhramaram’ which has the star scratching his right ear, falsely assuming that a (poorly computer animated) bee has gone into his ear! 🙂

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This time I’m tagged by 3 people, namely Abhi chettan, Thomman, & Sriram. 🙂 I profusely thank them for choosing me, for tags always come as respite for the topic and time-starved blogger!! And FYI, this tag was done ages ago.

This time, it’s all about the past, present, and future. All compressed into two questions each. 😀


My Oldest memories..

Ah, Good ol’ days with parents... I guess I used to enjoy my life to the fullest, back then. Life was uncomplicated. There was  nothing to worry, when your mom and dad would cater all my needs and look after their baby! Like Sriram, I remember toys! I too had tonnes of them, and I used to love this yellow-ambassador car, which was my favourite. 😀 I’d caused an exasperating tantarum when I lost it!

The most vivid memory of my childhood happens to be the funniest one too. 😀 This must have happened when I was about two years old and was of barely ‘walkable’ age. That fateful evening, I was playing with all my toys in the drawing room. I don’t remember properly, but it was a holiday mom and dad were home. They were elsewhere at that time, probably troubleshooting some odd recipe of dad’s! Dad has this habit of  cooking up (if you’ll pardon the pun) some ‘innovative’ recipes which eventually get trashed (puns galore!) by Mom. Anyways, the door of my house was wide open and I suddenly had a feeling to get out and explore the environs I’ve never seen till date! Gingerly, I crawled out to the verandah and got out.

Ever watched ‘Baby’s day out’? Funny movie right? What if you are the baby that goes out to the big bad world? I was doing just that. I don’t remember anything of this, but if parents are to be believed, two year old I opened the gate by myself and walked out (or rather, crawled out) into the street! Legend has it that a neighbour who ventured out for a stroll found good old me prowling around in all fours and safely returned me to Mom’s hands. I have a vague memory of getting beaten up black and blue that day!

Ten years Back:

That would be March 18th, 1999. I guess I was writing my Fifth Standard Annual examinations at Loyola. Ah, good old school days! Fifth was a magical year in my life. For the first time in my life, I inched closest to the top most rank. Sweet days of academic success. Days long gone… *Sigh*! The very next day my exams got over, we went for a trip to Ooty. Memories of the trip bring in pangs of nostalgia!


Your first thought in the morning

I didn’t sleep well last night – for, after a long time, I spent some quality time watching quality movies that lay unopened in my ‘Downloads’ folder, not forgeting to make efficient use of the 2-8 Unlimited Download gracefully gifted by the most benevolent BSNL Broadband. 😉 After a quick cat-nap from 5 AM – 7.45 AM, I groggily woke up, with an alarm flashing in my mind. I had to switch off downloads! 😛

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

Hmm… First, I’d raid my friend Arun‘s 1000 DVD strong Movie-TV series collection. Next, I’d go on a downloading spree and get the best of all music genres in the world and fill a hard disc. With all that done, I’d keep all my family photo collection, personal files, stuff I write every day, backups of my blog, my favourite books, et al into the ‘capsule’ and stash it away for eternity!


This year…

Thanks to sweet ol’ recession, I might be hunting for placements this time, next year. If I get through the holy grail of all MBA exams with a decent percentile (most unlikely!) I’d be doing a cross-country race across the country, attending B-School GD/PIs (hopefully a couple of them or more at IIMs). In any case, I’d be blogging away to my content, for sure!

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

After 14 years, I’d be 34. In all probablity, I’d be half-bald! My ‘jataka’ speaks of me reaching ‘staggering heights’ (hopefully not on top of the coconut tree, if you will pardon the PJ). In that case, I might be married (happily, I hope) with two sweet children: A boy named Prasanth & a girl named Krishna. I’d be the CEO of the firm I founded and I’d be working from home… So all the time in the world for my family! 🙂

I know it’s too late to tag, but I’m flinging the noose to Cris Chechi. Not tagging anyone else, cause they’re not goanna follow it anyway! 😛