Of Classrooms and Graffiti

Classrooms – the rightful abode of modern education, worldwide. The word brings in a plethora of assorted images to the mind of any adult who’s been through school/college. High aired ceilings, black/white boards, an assortment of educational aids and paraphernalia that includes ergonomically designed furniture with slant panels for easy writing and niches for bags… Continue reading Of Classrooms and Graffiti

I lost my posts! So, I rant! :-D

Apparently, two of my latest blog posts got deleted for no valid reason that I can comprehend. 😐 Those posts were intact, when I’d logged in early in the morning, to switch off downloads. When I visited the blog at around 11:30 AM today, just before I left for college,  I was dumbfound – two… Continue reading I lost my posts! So, I rant! 😀

Awake and Dreaming.

My room was dark for most parts – lit sparsely by a conglomerate of the flickering lights from my router and the blinking ‘HDD’ light from the PC’s cabinet. Yes, bits and bytes from Peer to Peer connected computers at some remote corner of the world were streaming into my PC’s hard-disc, as I lay… Continue reading Awake and Dreaming.

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