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Hari Shanker R

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A break too long and redundant

One month. It’s quite a long time period in a human life-span of about seventy years. Yep, 1/840th of an entire lifetime, pretty big, going by the numbers, huh? Before I write any more crap about the significance of one month in life, you’d have come up with a reason why I mentioned a month… Continue reading

Friendship in these days of degenerating decency…

Friends. They’re the best things all of us have ever had. We talk about/to/with them 24×7. We have oodles of fun, we enjoy each and every moment spent in their company. We do fight, but eventually we make up. They’re there for us through thick and thin. They’re with us, holding our arms, lifting us… Continue reading

Torment to Triumph

Those magic eyes in perennial sparkling-glory, And the vivacious smile that kills each worry, Have abruptly muted their radiating presence; Your face now betrays painful silence. Perhaps fate played its game unfair, Or you were overwhelmed with scare, A blitzkrieg of failure broke apart, All your hopes and crushed your heart! Before you resign to… Continue reading

Papa kehte hain, bada naam karega!

Last night, I was pursuing some long procrastinated work. The job was quite tedious and I had to sit up late into the night to get it done. As always, Amarok was blaring my favourite songs through my Creative 4.1, while I worked away. I’m in love with the Amarok shuffle algorithm – it beats… Continue reading

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