Hari Shanker R

Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

To G, with love.

A ‘ping’ was all it took; Not a gesture, voice, or look, Where books had many an angelic face, Back then, I met my sis at amazing pace, Adorable and cherubic, her smile, Vanished my pains in absolute guile; My tears evaporated in her voice, That gurgled like a river with poise. For many, she… Continue reading

First Love.

Sleepless nights are back again. No, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea – I haven’t caught the love bug again! 😐 But, fact is, that I wasn’t able to sleep for more than three hours a stretch, for the past week. I still can’t comprehend why/how it happened; perhaps some inscrutable chemical… Continue reading

Remember, Remember the month of October…

October 2009 was an eventful month. I say eventful, because of a plethora of reasons. Officially, 2009 is THE worst year I’ve had in my life. Despite the optimism I had in the beginning of this year, things went topsy turvy. It wasn’t fate – it was all because of my actions, or rather, the… Continue reading


Within the endless pits of time, Piercing many layers of grime, Flashes of light flickered deep, Crushing dreary, dark sleep. Countless miles of darkness, Scathing pain and duress, Excruciating screams, Crushed-to-pulp dreams, Amid sordid blights, Lay spine-chilling sights, Dismembered and abominate, Hell was reincarnate. Revelation struck hard, Rendering brains retard, The scathing premonition, Had indeed… Continue reading

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