First Love.

Sleepless nights are back again. No, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea – I haven’t caught the love bug again! 😐 But, fact is, that I wasn’t able to sleep for more than three hours a stretch, for the past week. I still can’t comprehend why/how it happened; perhaps some inscrutable chemical… Continue reading First Love.

Publishing Success! :-)

It’s been my dream to write an article in an national newspaper. And it has materialized now. 😀 The first time I saw the video by The Latest Pirates, my first thought was – “Damn, these guys are SO good! They need to be published!!”. I sought their permission, made the article, collected the photos,… Continue reading Publishing Success! 🙂

Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon!

Song: Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon Original Artist: Abhijeet Sawant Album: Aap Ka Abhijeet Sawant (2005) Download Dedication: This song is dedicated to someone special – someone very special and close! My love for her can’t be expressed in words, neither can I exist without it being mentioned. What better way could it be put… Continue reading Lafzon Mein Keh Naa Sakoon!