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Hari Shanker R

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Shiney Ahuja: Another Celebrity goes down!

Shiney Ahuja -The  Euphonic, talented actor with curly hair (and a vague similarity with me, to boot!), has more or less become the ‘gangster’ of bollywood, with the recent turn of events. The ‘gangster’ tag wouldn’t have given much of a dismal appeal some three years ago, where the actor was applauded for his sterling… Continue reading

Racism: Some hard facts

If you haven’t been following the news, there’s been  back-to-back (supposedly racist) attacks on at least six Asians (Indians)  in Australia. One person (a 25 year old student named Shravan Kumar) suffered serious (almost fatal) injuries and is still in critical condition. The media has had its field day, voicing venomous rhetoric on the spate… Continue reading

All Vodafone ZooZoo ads

Have you been watching the latest Vodafone ads that have taken the country by storm? I’d say, these are the kind of  ads that represent an advertizing marvel of sorts, something that would make anybody switch over to Vodafone, despite their mundane, not-so-good schemes! If you didn’t know these cute, white, odd-shaped characters are actually… Continue reading

Heat Wave!

There’s a ruddy heat wave down here in Trivandrum! Coupled with  the sweltering temperatures in my room, it’s virtually impossible to spend time here. As I sit here in my room and type out this post, I’m sweating from head to toe. Going by an approximate estimate, the temperatures in my room might be anywhere… Continue reading

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