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5 Reasons Why Splurging On Gadgets May Be Not Worth It

Let’s face it: gadgets have become a part and parcel of our lives. We’ve become so ‘connected’ to them (pun intended), that we cannot imagine a moment without them. Many among us (myself included) spend a sizable proportion of our income on buying the brand new editions of the latest gadgets on the block. But,… Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

The sun’s rays pierced through the plate-glass window of my flat, penetrating right into my eyes, rudely awakening me from my sleep. Mom used to constantly scold me for not sleeping facing the sun, years back when I was a child. Even though I used to disobey her back then, I started following every word… Continue reading

The Curious Case of Collective Attention Deficit Disorder

It’s a bright, sunny morning. Airily filling up your lungs with a (city variant of) the fresh morning air, you rev up your car and drive to work. As you’re half-way through, you notice a very obvious vibration from your jeans pocket – it’s the usual suspect, the mobile phone. You pick up the call… Continue reading

Apple iPhone 3G-S releases today!

Yeah, finally, answering all the harried queries of millions of tech-lovers like myself, The Apple iPhone 3.0 (or Apple iPhone 3G S )  is releasing today (17th June 2009)  at WWDC (Worldwide Developers’ Conference)! 🙂 The famed, all-touch mobile phone from Apple’s stable has literally taken the world by storm. It’s incredible features make the… Continue reading

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