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Kowdiar Lights: The Quest

“I want Marlboro!” Raghav’s words were loud and vigorous enough to scare the living wits out of Sushil and I.  Raghav was Sushil’s friend. The two of us were on our way to CCD after a particularly tiresome day. That was when  a slightly-overweight guy in blue Reebok tees and a queer gait, suitably accompanied… Continue reading

Kowdiar Lights: The Call!

‘Kowdiar Lights’ is a two part series. As the name inexorably suggests, the series is about some  stuff that happened over the past week during my visits to this very posh part of Trivandrum City called Kowdiar. For dummies, Kowdiar is home to  countless chicks, some of the richest people in the state, super-awesome roads… Continue reading

The Computer and I

People are often deeply attached to inanimate objects, very personally. They’d love such objects like a real human being, giving it all the attention they’d give to their sibling or a close relative! My object-of-attraction is my PC! Not very long ago, I’d written a post bidding adieu to my PC – the good ol’… Continue reading

The woman in red

A calm, placid and jobless day – I was whiling time away at the State Central Library (Public Library) in our city, whose reading rooms have been my abode for a while. A bibliophile, I used to spend a large chunk of my free time at the British Library when it existed, but now that… Continue reading

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