Racism: Some hard facts

If you haven’t been following the news, there’s been  back-to-back (supposedly racist) attacks on at least six Asians (Indians)  in Australia. One person (a 25 year old student named Shravan Kumar) suffered serious (almost fatal) injuries and is still in critical condition. The media has had its field day, voicing venomous rhetoric on the spate… Continue reading Racism: Some hard facts

Frame of Mind

By the bed – deep into the night, I lay exhausted, in pitiful plight; With eyes shut and body warm, My life was in excruciating harm. I know not how it fell apart, For, not so long ago, it was art! Setbacks galore and twists abound, A dying clock’s needle – life now sagged around.… Continue reading Frame of Mind

Confessions of a red pill chooser!

I’m going through the worst of times! True to my ‘Jathakam’, things’ve been topsy turvy, at the best! But thanks to Thomman (a celebrity blogger -cum- senior at school), yesterday turned out to be a fantastic day! For he lifted up my moods with this award-cum-tag! 🙂 The award ‘declaration’ goes like this: “This award… Continue reading Confessions of a red pill chooser!